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Product exchange - 30-day guarantee

If the product you ordered is not suitable and you want to exchange it for a different size or model, you have 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of your order to request a replacement instead of the statutory 14 days - provided the product has not been used and the product and label are intact. 

1. Scroll down to fill in the embedded form, then click on the button below to send it to us
2. So go back to the shop, add the item you want to buy to your cart, then you can zero out the price of the item by validating the coupon code BARCA-CSERE on the checkout page.
3. fold and wrap the returned product so it doesn't get damaged in transit (don't just put it in the factory bag, put it in something that will protect it)

In this case, the courier will bring and deliver, so you don't have to go to the post office, just wait for the courier, give and receive the parcel at the same time.

If you are exchanging for another product, you can 

- close the exchange order with the same 100% coupon
- but please also indicate in the comment of the order and the form that you are exchanging for another product, so the price difference will be settled.
- We will settle the difference afterwards and the courier will go there and back in the same way.

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